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As any Internet or Network Marketer will tell you the money is in the list.  If you want true success online then you need to be building a list of subscribers, not just gathering names in your autoresponder, but actually building a relationship with the people that subscribe to your list.  Building KLT (Know, Like and Trust) so your subscribers will get to know you, like you and trust you so they actually join your programs and spend money giving you the ability to earn commissions.

How do I do this, you ask?  That is where TrafficLeads2Income (TL2I) comes into play by giving you a complete system to build your list first.  TL2I is a Marketing system set up with step by step instructions and video’s to build lead capture pages branded to you, teach you how to get traffic to build your list and how to follow up and build a relationship with the subscribers and sign ups to make you a lifetime of residual income Online.

TrafficLeads2Income is a very unique system that no other site compares to with features like:

Build your own list first.

Unlimited customizable lead capture pages.

Fully customizable downline builder.

Free mentoring using a Skype group and daily conference calls.

TrafficLeads2Income is a tip of the funnel program that offers all the tools, resources and training to ensure anyone can succeed Online.  I know of no other system like TL2I that builds your personal list before signing up and becoming a member.  Then introduces your sign-ups to a fully customized downline builder giving you the opportunity to create multiple streams of residual traffic and income.

Using the customizable lead capture pages (LCP) TL2I offers, brands you and allows your LCP’s to stand out from everyone Else’s instead of using the standard replicating affiliate pages every other program out there offers.  This feature is essential for introducing you to your subscribers and starting the process of building KLT.

TrafficLeads2Income’s customizable downline builder gives you full control of all the programs offered so you get the credit and sign-ups.  Any programs your sponsor belongs to that you do not, you have the ability to block and any programs you belong to, you have the ability to add.  This is an incredible feature allowing you to maximize the use of the downline builder to grow your downlines and create multiple streams of income.

TrafficLeads2Income offers 24/7 mentoring using a Skype support group and a conference room with multiple mentoring sessions daily.  The Skype group is full of members always willing to help you get set up and offer advice on how to use the system.  We have mentoring sessions 3 times a day Monday through Friday at 11am, 3pm and 7pm all Eastern Standard Time.  Sunday evening at 9:30pm is our weekly conference call where you have the opportunity to win a lifetime doctorate upgrade valued at $400, provided we meat the minimum number of people attending the conference.

I know of no other system that offers the benefits and training to its members so everyone who joins has the opportunity to build their list and create a lifetime of residual income.  Come on out to our Sunday evening conference call, everyone is welcome, and see for yourself the awesome system and community TrafficLeads2Income offers.  You can find out all the details at:

You can access the conference room by going here and clicking the button in the center of the page:

Hope to see you there

Michael Dell

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